GWFC Hendersonville Woman's Club - General Federated Woman's Club

Since its founding more than 100 years ago, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs has been a unifying force, bringing together local women’s clubs from across the country and around the world to learn with and from each other.
  • Thousands of clubs working in communities large and small throughout the United States, with members ranging from teenagers to retirees.
  • 50 state federations, eight regions and 421 districts.
  • Members worldwide in more than 17 countries.
  • An average annual contribution of approximately 5 million hours and $20 million through 125,000 local club projects and programs. 

Over a Century of Accomplishment:
Reflecting the changing status of women in society, GFWC members enlarged their focus from self-improvement to the “larger aims” of community service and involvement, nationally and internationally. Through their volunteer service, GFWC members develop leadership skills, exchange ideas and form lifelong friendships. Club projects and programs address a wide range of issues and vary in nature.

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